Sunday, April 19, 2020

Well....back to the drawing board.

As you know, I was fixing to launch "PROFESSOR HERBERT AND G.E.O. ADVENTURES," a comic book format of storylines that run outside the continuity of the daily comic strip. Unfortunately I have decided to pull the first issue because the story hits a little too close to the CoronaVirus Pandemic the world is fighting. I wrote the last year....before any of this chaos was unleashed upon the world.

The first issue story was titled "SICK DAZE."

G.E.O. wakes up one morning with the flu. Since G.E.O. has a special biological make-up, the Professor decides to create a special antibiotic that will help G.E.O. get better.


The Professor's special cure creates a SENTIENT BEING that is determined to destroy all mankind!

Here's a few of the pages:

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